Who is Nonna?

  Well you may already know, but Nonna is Italian for grandmother, and this cutie (Clementina) is mine! I'm Bianca, her pink haired granddaughter on the right. 

Nonna is the matriarch of our family. The one who brings everyone together. With food or sheer command. ;) She's strong, loving, determined and oh so selfless. But don't be fooled, she doesn't take shit from anyone!

She is such an inspiration to me and the more I chatted about her with others the more I realized, these characteristics are common in other Nonnas too. It's like they possess a special power. They may not know it, but they're all begging you to put on slippers when you come in the house, or calling every type of cereal that
exists, Corn Flakes. ;) And it all comes from great love. 

Party At Nonna's is a celebration of all the wonderful things Nonnas say and do, combined into beautiful cross stitch pieces I've created, and lifestyle pieces you can incorporate into everyday life. 

 And even if you don't fill your cart, I hope you take away some inspiration, the need to hug your Nonna (or Nonna figure) a little tighter, and the willingness to love unconditionally like they do. 
💗 B